Our People

Our people have built our business on their skills and capabilities. Our people are passionate, focussed on excelling on requirements and solutions, inquisitive, and who like to innovate and think outside the box for our clients and for our business. We bring our experiences, perspectives and ideas to the table to accomplish great things.


Maria Castillo (CPA, MIPA, M.M)

A passionate and skilled professional, Maria is known for her extensive industry knowledge and unmatched devotion to clients, Maria’s success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals and positive client experiences.

Maria has worked in professional services, small to large private & commercial industry and the public sector, where her roles entailed various accounting positions to managerial and team leadership responsibilities, where she now has extensive knowledge of the multitudinous aspects of the industry.

She has excellent customer service and a commitment to work hard, listen, and follow-through.

There are three things she does with and for her clients:

1. Consult with you – she will make sure you make good decisions when you request this; 

2.  Financially manage and research on requirements for you where needed –  this means she will treat your finances , and deliver the best outcome on all matters as if they were her own;

3.  Handle all of the details for you – this means she will ensure the many requirements of all financial needs are handled properly and professionally for you, giving you peace of mind.  

The bottom line is, she will get the job done professionally for you and go beyond.

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